La Margherita

La Margherita Pizzeria

La Margherita is a contemporary pizzeria, offering authentic Italian wood-fired pizzas from our Master Pizzaiolo. Come visit us and enjoy a friendly and personal atmosphere while trying our original pizza creations.

In addition to our pizza range we offer a number of pasta options, as well as a wine list with local and international red and white wines.

Come visit us today, click here to view our location map.


 We will be on leave for 3 weeks from Sunday 28th January until Monday 19th February.

We Re-Open on Tuesday 20th February with a refreshed Menu and a well rested Crew!

We look forward to seeing you all again and thank you all for your ongoing support.


We use STONE GROUND WHEAT FLOUR in all our Pizzas!!

This means our Pizzas are made from a more Natural Product and contains more Nutrients than ordinary Steel Milled White Flour.

So enjoy our tasty Pizzas today and feel the benefits of Stone Ground Wheat Flour!